The poster session will be held in Yawkey Center (3F Conference Center), Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, from noon to 1:50pm on May 31.  

Building Map

Direction from Jimmy Fund Auditorium to Yawkey 3F Conference Center:

Go to 3F of Jimmy Fund Blg (stairs or one elevator).  Then go the short hallway, turn right onto the bridge to Smith Blg.  Go through Smith blg elevators on the left, then you can enter Yawkey 3F.  You will see Yawkey Conference Center on the left.   


Maximum poster dimensions 4 ft x 6 ft (121 x 182 cm). The display boards are in landscape orientation.

Please display your poster on the board with your poster # as shown here after the group photo by noon

Please remove your poster by 3:30 pm, if you want to keep it.  Materials left on the boards after this time will be discarded.


Posters presented by award applicants will be scored by poster referees including

Christine Ambrosone
Melissa Bondy
Peter Campbell
Nilanjan Chatterjee
Jan Heng
N Sertac Kip
Jill Koshiol
Jonathan Nowak
Amanda Phipps
Robert Schoen
Haruhiko Sugimura
Molin Wang
Matty Weijenberg
Kana Wu
Song Yao