Tentative program (subject to changes): Boston local time, EDT (USA Eastern Daylight Savings Time) 

We are currently adjusting program for a vitual meeting.  Please stay tuned.


Instructions for speakers (use a headset if possible; use a single monitor)


May 24 Mon (EDT)


10:30 to 10:35 intro

10:35 to 12pm (session chair, Timothy Rebbeck)

4 speakers (15 min) + 20 min QA

Peter Campbell

Curtis Harris – “The Microbiome and Metabolome of Lung Cancer”

Christine Ambrosone

Paul Brennan


Lunch break (EDT)

12pm to 12:40


12:40pm to 2:10pm (session chair, Stella Koutros)

3 speakers (15 min) + 1 keynote (Todd Golub; 25 min) + 15 min QA

Maria Teresa Landi – “Genomic and Evolutionary Classification of Lung Cancer in Never Smokers”

Timothy Rebbeck

Todd Golub – “Perspectives on Cancer Precision Medicine”



2:10 to 2:20pm


2:20pm to 3:25pm (session chair, Xuehong Zhang)

3 speakers (15 min) + 15 min QA

Molin Wang – “New Development in Methods for Dealing with Missing Subtype Data”

John Quackenbush

Nikolaus Schultz


From 3:25pm

Breakout Room Networking



May 25 Tues


10:30am to 12:05pm (session chair, Song Yao)

3 speakers (15 min) + 1 keynote (Stephen Chanock; 25 min) + 20 min

Faisal Mahmood

Jonas Almeida

Guillermo Tearney

Stephen Chanock – “Radiation-Related Genomic Profile of Papillary Thyroid Cancer after the Chernobyl Accident”


Lunch break

12:05pm to 12:45


12:45pm to 2:10pm (session chair, Christine Ambrosone)

4 speakers (15 min) + 20 min QA

Scott Rodig

Karl Kelsey

Montserrat Garcia-Closas

Shelley Tworoger



2:10pm to 2:20


2:20pm to 3:45pm (session chair, Peter T. Campbell)

4 speakers (15 min) + 20 min QA

Samir Hanash – “How Liquid Biopsy Can Inform Tumor Development and Progression for Pancreatic Cancer”

Viktor Adalsteinsson – “Tracing Tumor Signatures from Plasma Cell-Free DNA”

Stefanie Nelson– “NCI Updates”

Shuji Ogino – "Integration of Immunology into Molecular Pathological Epidemiology"


Business meeting (open meeting)

3:50pm to 5pm