To be updated.  Below is the final program of the 6th meeting in 2023.  


Final Meeting program in EDT (USA Eastern Daylight Savings Time) 


May 4, 2023, Thursday (EDT)

7:30-8 AM breakfast

8 AM

Introduction (Christine Ambrosone & Shuji Ogino)



Special forum for germline & somatic genomics / disparities (Theme: self-reported race and ethnicity and genetic ancestry: where do they meet in cancer disparities?)

Chair: Christine Ambrosone – brief intro to the session (5 min)

Keynote 1: Timothy Rebbeck (keynote 1) 30 min - Biological and Social Drivers of Cancer Health Disparities

Salma Shariff-Marco - Investigating the Structural and Social Drivers of Cancer Health Disparities

Song Yao -  Tumor Mutations and Risk Factors



9:35 AM Break (20 min)


9:55 AM


Brittany Lord – The Impact of Neighborhood Deprivation on DNA Methylation in Breast Cancer

Angela Omilian – The Role of Self-identified Race and Ethnicity, Neighborhood Socioeconomic Status, and Genetic Ancestry on Breast Cancer Outcomes in the Pathways Study

Ken Batai – Kidney Cancer Health Disparities: Exploring Role of Social Determinants of Health

QA + Discussion: CA chair (30 min)


11:40 AM Group Photo


Lunch & Poster session


2 PM

Session 1: Integration of Genomics and Macro-Microenvironment

(Chair, Montse Garcia-Closas)

Matthew Meyerson (keynote 2) 30 min - Genetic Epidemiology and Microbiology of Human Lung and Colon Cancers

Gretchen Gierach - Integrating Macro-Microenivronment Biomarkers of Breast Tissue Composition to Inform Breast Cancer Etiology and Progression



3:05 PM



3:25 PM

Session 2: Influence of Lifestyle, Behavioral, and Genetic Factors on Tumor and Normal Tissues (Chair: Peter Campbell)

Ting-Yuan David Cheng – mTOR Pathway Signaling: a Mechanistic Link between Energy Imbalance and Breast Cancer

Cassandra Hathaway - Immunologic Predictors of Survival among Patients with Ovarian Cancer

Maria Teresa Landi - The Interplay of Exogenous and Endogenous Mutational Processes in Lung Cancer Evolution



4:40 PM (Bus leaves at 5:15 PM)

Niagara Falls tour / reception



May 5 (Friday)

Future preview (spatial analyses; bioinformatics; artificial intelligence; short talk)



Session 1 (Chair, Shuji Ogino)

Jonathan Nowak – Utility of Tissue-Based Tumor Microenvironment Profiling in Large Patient Cohorts

Stephanie Schmit - Investigating the Epidemiology of T Cell Responses in Colorectal Cancer and Developing Efforts in Diverse Populations

Mustapha Abubakar - Heterogeneity in Exposure-Tissue Interactions Parallels Breast Cancer Etiologic Heterogeneity



9:35AM Break



Session 2 (Chair, Song Yao)

Kun-Hsing Yu – Artificial Intelligence for Integrative Pathology Evaluation

Jonas Almeida – Mutation Signatures - Unified Presentations of Array Panel and Sequencing Data for AI Analysis

Tomotaka Ugai - Integration of Cancer Spectra into Large-Scale Population Studies for Precision Oncology       




Award presentation

Congratulations to winners!  

MPE Minority Scholar Award to Elom Aglago
MPE Trainee Award to Carino Gurjao
MPE Rising Investigator Award to Tomotaka Ugai


11:40 PM Lunch.  

Open business meeting 

The Darwin Martin House Tour